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*Just Announced! NAIFA Family Response Fund

NAIFA has opened an emergency relief fund for members and their legal dependents. Members can both donate to the fund, as well as apply for a grant. The grant can be used for unexpected medical and funeral expenses related to COVID-19. 

If you're a member and want to contribute, visit the fund page.  If you are in need of emergency funds due to COVID-19, apply for relief.

State Resources 

We are actively tracking COVID-19 at the state level. Use these real-time resources: 

COVID-19 Will Hit MainStreet Individuals, Families & Businesses the Hardest. NAIFA Members are the Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents who Stand Ready to Help and Support.


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Who NAIFA Members Are

Our NAIFA members are insurance and financial professionals who practice in cities, towns, and rural areas across the United States. Their clients are individuals, families, and businesses at every income and asset level, with an emphasis on Main Street USA consumers.

We help Americans achieve financial security and prosperity by promoting financial literacy and providing risk protection, retirement preparation, and legacy planning products and services.

We are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of Americans facing a public health and financial crisis, such as the present COVID-19 outbreak. Our NAIFA members:

  • Serve as a conduit of information and reassurance in their communities
  • Answer client questions about individual health care policies, group health plans, and extended and long-term care solutions as they relate to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Keep clients focused on long-term financial and retirement goals while discouraging them from making unwise decisions based on emotional responses to present events and troubling headlines.
  • Advocate on behalf of their clients and communities with state and federal policymakers.

Why MainStreet Americans Trust NAIFA Members

Our members are bound by NAIFA's Code of Ethics, as well as their professionalism and dedication to service, to serve their clients' best interests.

We provide the products and services that are crucial to providing Americans with financial security and helping their clients face risks and uncertainty. These include:

  • Life insurance (nearly 100% of NAIFA members)
  • Retirement planning (83%)
  • Extended and long-term care solutions (70%)
  • Disability income insurance (68%)
  • Legacy planning (64%)
  • Fixed Annuities (63%)
  • Medicare supplements (45%)
  • Individual health plans (31%)
  • Group health plans (25%)

Our members are experts in their field with first-hand knowledge of how government policies at the state and federal levels affect Main Street families and businesses. They are also politically aware and involved and serve as a valuable resource to policymakers across the country.

They represent their clients, neighbors, colleagues, and businesses in every congressional district across the United States and in every state capital. NAIFA's grassroots army is the advocacy voice of the insurance and financial services industry.

How NAIFA Members Influence Policy

Our advocacy engagement extends to all three branches of government - the legislative, executive, and judicial - on the federal and state levels. We also shape and drive important policy decisions by working with influential interstate bodies, like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL).



Get COVID-19 Resources

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