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State Issues
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The Largest Grassroots Program in the Industry

Our state chapters have extensive resources “on the ground” in every state who have relationships with key legislators and regulators and systems and plans in place to effectively activate our grassroots network when needed. The Government Relations Team at NAIFA headquarters provides valuable assistance to our state chapters in the form of bill analysis and drafting, drafting of position papers and talking points, coalition building, and strategy development.

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NAIFA State Advocacy

NAIFA is the only advocacy association of insurance and financial professionals influencing policy decisions in every state capital. Check with your NAIFA state chapter to learn how you can get involved.

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Standard of Care

NAIFA advocacy is working to ensure state laws and regulations do not adversely impact advisors, their clients or other consumers.

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Health Reform

NAIFA supports initiatives that foster a robust and competitive private market to offer employers and individuals ample coverage options to meet.

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Senior Financial Protection

NAIFA generally supports state legislation intended to protect seniors and other vulnerable adults from financial fraud and exploitation.

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NAIFA supports outreach and education, not state-run plans that needlessly compete with private retirement solutions.

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Long-Term Care

NAIFA supports policies that promote the need to educate consumers about the planning and options for LTC coverage.

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Producer Licensing

NAIFA supports high standards for the licensing of producers to successfully complete a producer licensing examination before they may sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance.

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State insurance regulators and industry differ over how to regulate data security.

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Tax Reform

NAIFA opposes efforts to impose new or increased taxes on our industry.

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Paid Family Medical Leave

NAIFA supports establishing PFML requirements that allow employers and consumers to select private plans over mandated participation in government-only facilitated programs.

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Personal Financial Education

NAIFA chapters support state high school graduation requirements that include personal finance coursework.


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Main Street

Worker Classification

NAIFA opposes state proposals that would change the status of financial professionals from independent contractors to employees, limiting their independence and ability to serve consumers' best interests.

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Featured State: Maryland

NAIFA advocacy is working to ensure state laws and regulations do not adversely impact advisors, their clients or other consumers.

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