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Advocacy in action blog

1 min read

Encourage Your Clients to Vote

By NAIFA on 9/15/23 4:21 PM

NAIFA encourages everyone to vote. Our elected officials make decisions that impact everyone's financial security, so it is important for everyone who is eligible to participate in selecting who they are.

Topics: Get Out the Vote
1 min read

Connect With Clients While You Help NAIFA Get Out the Vote

By NAIFA on 9/8/23 2:45 PM

NAIFA encourages all insurance and financial professionals to vote in local, state, and federal elections and to encourage others to follow their example. Approximately 63 million Americans who are eligible are not even registered to vote. Encouraging your colleagues, team, and clients to register is a great first step and a way to show your dedication to participating in the democratic process.

Topics: Advocacy Get Out the Vote
1 min read

Be An Active Participant in Election Day!

By Diane Boyle on 11/2/20 9:29 AM

Be an Active Participant in Election Day!  Compete to See Who is the Real Election Soothsayer!

Topics: State Advocacy Federal Advocacy Grassroots Get Out the Vote
2 min read

Voter Registration Deadlines and Early Voting are Coming

By NAIFA Government Relations Team on 9/15/20 9:00 AM

November is just two months away and with it comes two things: First, the relief that of knowing that 2020 is moving into the rearview mirror. The second, and perhaps most important, is Election Day and the checklist of things we have to do before we can cast our ballots.  

Topics: State Advocacy Federal Advocacy Grassroots Get Out the Vote