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2 min read

NAIFA Opposes Short-Sighted Federal Rules on Short-Term Health Insurance

By NAIFA on 3/28/24 5:36 PM

The administration’s final rules on short-term, limited-duration health insurance (STLDI) plans will restrict access to these policies that serve crucial needs of many American consumers. The plans, which have existed since the introduction of HIPAA-based rules nearly two decades ago, are designed to bridge the gap between comprehensive coverage options. They can be a great fit for those looking for individual coverage, waiting for the start of group plan enrollment, having gaps between different employment opportunities, or waiting for their next open enrollment opportunity.

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3 min read

Biden Administration Published Proposed Rule to Roll Back Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

By Michael Hedge, NAIFA's Director of Government Relations on 7/10/23 10:28 AM

On July 7, the Biden Administration published a proposed rule to roll back President Trump’s expansion of short-term health insurance plans. The Office of Management & Budget previously announced its approval of the proposed rule on “short‐​term limited duration insurance” health plans (STLDI).

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1 min read

NCOIL Adopts Model Act on Short-Term Limited Duration Insurance

By NAIFA on 10/6/20 4:39 PM

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) is pleased with NCOIL’s adoption of the Short Term Limited Duration Insurance Model Act sponsored by IN Representative Martin Carbaugh. NAIFA has long reasoned that STLDI plans can ensure that consumers are able to maintain critical and temporary health insurance coverage especially in instances where a consumer lost his or her individual market or group policy and needs sufficient time to obtain a more comprehensive insurance plan.  Also, in some health insurance markets where there are very few and cost prohibitive plans available for consumers, STDLI policies may offer consumers the only affordable, albeit temporary, option. 

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