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2021 NAIFA Workforce Survey

2021 workforce

Legislators at the federal and state levels always want to better understand the constituent populations that they respectively serve. To help us better inform our stakeholders, please tell us about your own practice or organization within which you work.


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2020 Survey Results

NAIFA surveyed 1,071 insurance and financial professionals, approximately 90% of whom are current NAIFA members. The respondents who are not members engaged with members via the NAIFA web presence, social media, NAIFA webinars or other communications channels.

The responses were collected during June and July of 2020. The survey provides insights into respondents’ professional experience, client characteristics, products and services, compensation models, social media usage and group demographics. A series of survey questions also explored how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected these financial professionals and their interactions with clients.

NAIFA members and their colleagues fill the insurance and financial services needs of Americans from every economic demographic and all income levels, with an emphasis on middle-income families and small businesses. The survey results confirm these financial professionals’ grounding in what NAIFA has termed “Main Street USA.”


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Regulation Best Interest

SEC proposal would provide greater protection and a higher standard of care for consumers.

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Fiduciary (Retirement Accounts)

NAIFA encourages lawmakers and regulators to be certain that all levels of investors have access to affordable, reliable advice.

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Long-Term Care

NAIFA supports proposals to increase consumer options in the LTCI market and incentivize the purchase of LTCI coverage.

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Retirement Savings

NAIFA encourages Congress to pass the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, commonly known as the SECURE Act.

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Tax Reform

NAIFA supports policy that encourages Americans to protect the financial security of their families.

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NAIFA supports federal agent licensing reform legislation known as “NARAB.”

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Health Reform

NAIFA outlines proposals that should form the basis of legislation that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

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Medigap Coverage

'Policymakers' proposed changes to Medigap coverage would have a negative impact on seniors who rely on this important coverage option.

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Medical Loss Ratio

The MLR threatens consumer access to affordable and informed health insurance agents and brokers.

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