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Advocacy in action blog

1 min read

Advocacy Ambassadors Bolster NAIFA's Grassroots Influence

By NAIFA on 1/24/23 5:13 PM

Participation by NAIFA members is key to our grassroots advocacy strength. Learn how you can make a difference by signing up to be a NAIFA Advocacy Ambassador. Be a legislative contact, write a letter to the editor or op-ed, testify at a public hearing, visit with your lawmaker, or host an event. Find out all of the ways you can get involved.

Topics: State Advocacy Federal Advocacy Grassroots
5 min read

Leaders Share NAIFA's Advocacy Message With Congress

By NAIFA on 11/28/22 5:25 PM

NAIFA members attending the National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., held more than 150 meetings with their Senators, Representatives, and congressional staffers. NAIFA's grassroots advocacy is second-to-none in the insurance and financial services industry. Our members' message resonates loudly with Congress because NAIFA members represent the interests of their Main Street clients from across the country.

Topics: Federal Advocacy Grassroots
3 min read

More Than 30 Hispanic and Women NAIFA Members Earn Financial Security Advocate Badges at Phoenix Event

By Diane Boyle on 8/23/22 10:19 AM

NAIFA’s Advocacy Accelerator Couse for women and Hispanic members taught during NAIFA's recent Apex sales summit in Phoenix adds over 30 new Financial Security Advocates. NAIFA's integrated advocacy program that includes state, interstate, and federal advocacy is the largest and most comprehensive advocacy program in the industry. The critical element in NAIFA's 130+ year advocacy track record of success remains, and will always be, our members' participation—otherwise known as grassroots engagement. Several hundred members have participated in online and in-person training courses to gain skills and confidence in the advocacy process and earned the coveted Financial Security Advocate badge.

Topics: Grassroots
2 min read

NAIFA-Utah Members Meet With Lawmakers at In-State Event

By NAIFA on 8/17/22 3:51 PM

NAIFA-UT recently took advantage of the August Congressional recess to hold a very successful Legislative Day. More than 50 NAIFA members were in attendance along with Representatives Burgess Owens, Chris Stewart, and Blake Moore. Also attending was a staff member from Senator Mike Lee’s office. Representative John Curtis had a prior commitment but addressed the audience via video.

Topics: Member Spotlight Federal Advocacy Grassroots Utah
3 min read

In-District Meetings Are Underway

By NAIFA on 8/11/22 4:11 PM

When Congress is in recess, like it is right now, NAIFA's grassroots advocacy actually picks up. NAIFA members across the country are meeting with their Representatives and Senators in their home districts this August.

NAIFA's yearlong grassroots strategy encourages multiple in-person connections with lawmakers, including at NAIFA's May Congressional Conference, in-person meetings during the August recess, a day on the Hill during NAIFA's fall/winter National Leadership Conference, and at community and fundraising events throughout the year.

Topics: Federal Advocacy Grassroots
2 min read

Advocacy Rewind: Spotlight on NAIFA-Nebraska

By Bianca Alonso Weiss on 7/25/22 5:41 PM

On March 1, 2022, NAIFA-Nebraska hosted their successful Legislative Day event in Lincoln. NAIFA-NE members in attendance received briefings from:

Topics: State Advocacy Grassroots Nebraska

Get Out the Vote Resources Now Available

By NAIFA on 7/18/22 10:00 AM

Whether you're new to political advocacy or a grassroots leader, NAIFA's Get Out the Vote is a great resource for everything you need to know about NAIFA's political advocacy. Find information on polling dates and locations, ballot measures, and your elected officials. Brush up on Government 101 or find the text of individual bills—this site has useful information for everyone.

Topics: State Advocacy Federal Advocacy Grassroots
1 min read

NAIFA's O'Gara Asks DOL to Preserve Advisors' Independent Status

By NAIFA on 6/30/22 12:03 PM

Josh O'Gara, CLU, ChFC, CFP, loyal member since 2011, spoke on behalf of NAIFA during the U.S. Department of Labor's virtual public forum on the classification of employees and independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act. NAIFA strongly supports an exemption for insurance and financial professionals under any legislation or DOL regulation that would reclassify independent contractors as employees.

Topics: Federal Advocacy Grassroots DOL
2 min read

NAIFA’s Congressional Conference Takes Advisors’ Grassroots Influence to Capitol Hill

By NAIFA on 5/25/22 8:15 AM

Insurance and financial advisors from states across the country visited Capitol Hill on May 24 for meetings with more than 325 congressional offices, including lawmakers and senior staff. The day on the Hill is the highlight of Day 2 of NAIFA’s annual Congressional Conference.

Topics: Federal Advocacy Grassroots Congressional Conference
1 min read

NAIFA’s State Advocacy Hard at Work in California

By NAIFA on 5/17/22 4:31 PM

Selected advocates from NAIFA-CA’s grassroots network have reached out to influential members of the California Senate Appropriations Committee to urge the defeat of SB927 in the committee. The legislation would require insurance professionals and companies to provide confusing and costly disclosures that have no practical benefit for consumers. It would also result in increased litigation and higher costs for California consumers. Previously, NAIFA and coalition partners including the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) and the Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies (ACLHIC) offered amendments that would address many of the bill’s unworkable provisions.

Topics: State Advocacy Standard of Care & Consumer Protection Grassroots California Insurance & Financial Advisor Regulation