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Advocacy in action blog

1 min read

Agents and Advisors Need to Represent Their Clients and Communities at Congressional Conference

By NAIFA on 5/5/22 8:55 AM

NAIFA Trustee Aprilyn Chavez Geissler, LACP, loyal member since 2005, says that insurance and financial professionals offer an important perspective on how legislative decisions affect Main Street Americans and their communities. NAIFA's Congressional Conference, May 23-24 in Washington, D.C., is a great opportunity for agents and advisors to talk with lawmakers about issues important to their clients and communities.

Topics: Federal Advocacy Grassroots Congressional Conference
1 min read

You Don't Have to Be an Experienced Advocate to Make a Difference at NAIFA's Congressional Conference

By NAIFA on 4/19/22 9:43 AM

NAIFA-Greater Washington, D.C., member and Young Advisor Team Leader of the Year Brian Haney, CLTC, CFS, CFBS, CIS, LACP, CAE, provides his insights on NAIFA's Congressional Conference and how you don't have to be an experienced advocate to make difference. While Haney grew up in the D.C. area, our elected officials are interested in hearing the Main Street stories of insurance and financial professionals from around the country. Lend your voice by joining us May 23-24 at NAIFA's Congressional Conference.

Topics: Federal Advocacy Grassroots Congressional Conference

NAIFA-KY and the Importance of State Advocacy: An Update From Brian Wilson

By NAIFA on 4/18/22 1:29 PM

The advocacy work of NAIFA-KY was highly influential in the late revision of tax reform legislation in the state that would have placed a 6% tax on financial planning and investment management services. This tax would have impacted many investors in Kentucky and the financial professionals they rely on for advice and services. NAIFA Trustee Brian Wilson offers his perspective on why this advocacy win and all of NAIFA's state advocacy efforts are so important.

Topics: Retirement Planning State Advocacy Grassroots Kentucky Tax Reform
1 min read

Bryon Holz Urges Producers to Attend NAIFA's Congressional Conference

By NAIFA on 4/11/22 3:46 PM

NAIFA’s annual Congressional Conference is crucial to our grassroots advocacy strategy. The event brings NAIFA members together as a critical mass to advocate on behalf of their businesses, clients, consumers, and the insurance and financial services industry. It provides targeted advocacy training with briefings on specific legislative issues, best practices for conducting congressional meetings, and tips for developing impactful long-term relationships with legislators.

Bryon Holz, NAIFA President-Elect, urges every producer in financial services and insurance to attend this year's Congressional Conference to be an advocate for your Main Street USA clients.

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Topics: Federal Advocacy Grassroots Congressional Conference
1 min read

CMS Wants NAIFA Members' Feedback on the 2023 Medicare & You Handbook Draft

By NAIFA on 4/8/22 3:00 PM

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is asking for NAIFA members who work with the seniors or Medicare markets to provide feedback on the draft of their Medicare & You Handbook for 2023.

If you would like to submit comments on this draft, please do so using the spreadsheet linked below. Comments must be submitted by Wednesday, April 13, by the end of the day to Cody Schoonover (cschoonover@naifa.org).

Topics: Federal Advocacy Grassroots CMS Insurance & Financial Advisor Regulation Producer Sales & Marketing
2 min read

NAIFA-Kentucky Celebrates Legislative Win

By Bianca Alonso Weiss on 3/31/22 3:45 PM

The Kentucky Legislature has passed a comprehensive tax reform package, and thanks to advocacy work by NAIFA's Kentucky chapter financial planners and investment advisors narrowly avoided a 6% sales tax on their services.

Topics: Retirement Planning State Advocacy Grassroots Kentucky Tax Reform
2 min read

NAIFA-GA Members Gather in Atlanta for a Successful Legislative Day With State Lawmakers

By NAIFA on 3/21/22 2:58 PM

NAIFA’s Georgia chapter (NAIFA-GA) held its annual Legislative Day in Atlanta earlier this year. Speakers at the event included:

Topics: State Advocacy Georgia Grassroots Legislative Day
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NAIFA’s GOTV Resources Now Available to Empower Political Participation

By NAIFA on 3/17/22 10:19 AM

NAIFA’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV) resources are now available to NAIFA members and the general public online at gotv4financialsecurity.org. The website provides educational materials to help NAIFA members and the consumers who they help achieve financial security understand how the election process works and make informed decisions at the polls.

Topics: State Advocacy Federal Advocacy Grassroots
1 min read

Lend Your Voice to Help Reopen the Capitol

By NAIFA Government Relations Team on 3/16/22 7:16 PM

Over the past few weeks, NAIFA has encouraged Congressional leadership to expand access to the US Capitol campus. Numerous reports confirm Congressional leadership is working on a bicameral reopening plan for the entire Capitol grounds.  With the 2022 Congressional Conference merely two months away, we are happy to hear that leadership is working on a phased reopening plan.  By reopening the Capitol, we will be able to get back to our in-person visits which allow us to discuss issues relating to the financial services industry and explain the impact that certain policies have on your clients and businesses.

Topics: Grassroots
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NAIFA-Alabama Hosts Successful Legislative Day

By Bianca Alonso Weiss on 3/14/22 4:15 PM

NAIFA’s Alabama chapter (NAIFA-AL) held a recent state Legislative Day in Montgomery. The event featured a welcome from NAIFA-AL President Booker Joseph and NAIFA-AL Grassroots Chair Matthew Wilson, followed by afternoon meetings with state legislators at the Capitol. Senator J.T. “Jabo” Waggoner recognized NAIFA-Alabama in the gallery during the Senate proceedings that day.

Topics: State Advocacy Grassroots Alabama Legislative Day