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Advocacy in action blog

4 min read

NAIFA State Advocacy Roundup

By Julie Harrison on 5/24/21 4:17 PM

NAIFA's state-level advocacy work is second-to-none, with state chapters and members providing expertise and influence to shape legislation and regulations impacting NAIFA members' businesses and clients across the country.

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1 min read

NAIFA-VA Comments on State-Run Retirement Bill at Delegates' Subcommittee Meeting

By NAIFA on 1/19/21 1:18 PM

Virginia House Bill 2174 would establish the VirginiaSaves Program, a state-run automatic enrollment payroll deduction IRA savings program. The program would be optional for employees, but would require employers with five or more employees that do not offer retirement plans to set up a payroll deduction and retirement savings plan through the state-run system.

Elizabeth Pate, a NAIFA-VA Board member and Past President for the state chapter, testified via Zoom before the Virginia House of Delegates Appropriations Compensation and General Government Subcommittee that NAIFA-VA has concerns about the proposed program.

Pate said that NAIFA applauds efforts by the Virginia General Assembly to help Virginians prepare for retirement, but cannot support the legislation as it currently stands. She noted that the federal SECURE Act makes it easier for employers to band together and offer retirement plans in a cost-effective manner. This achieves the goal of encouraging greater retirement preparation by employees without creating a state-run plan to compete with the private sector.

Plans created under the SECURE Act, she noted, would give participants protections afforded by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), while it appears VirginiaSaves participants would not benefit from ERISA protections.

Pate also noted that enrollees in the state-run program would lack access to personalized advice from financial professionals that many participants in private-market plans receive.

Several members of the Subcommittee raised questions about potential financial impacts of the VirginiaSaves plan on small businesses and expressed concerns about the mandatory nature of employer participation under the current draft of the legislation. The Subcommittee vote to send HB 2174 to the full committee for further consideration.

NAIFA and NAIFA-VA will remain politically active and engaged on the proposed legislation.

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1 min read

NAIFA Sees Small Victory in Colorado Secure Choice Plan

By NAIFA on 6/10/20 5:48 PM

Colorado’s Implementation of Colorado Secure Savings Program bill, SB 200, is on a trajectory to pass. NAIFA, along with the American Council of Life Insurers, Insured Retirement Institute, and National Federation of Independent Business, worked diligently to counter the measure. There was limited time for debate. Also, the proposal is an initiative of the House Speaker. These factors make it all but impossible to defeat.

Topics: State-Facilitated Retirement Plans State Advocacy
1 min read

NAIFA Member to the Seattle Times: State-Run Retirement Plan Is a Bad Idea

By NAIFA on 2/25/20 11:06 AM

Legislation now before the Washington Legislature in Olympia that would create a state-run retirement plan “misses the mark,” writes Ryan Jewell, a member of the Board of Trustees with NAIFA’s Washington Chapter, in a letter to the editors of the Seattle Times.

Topics: State-Facilitated Retirement Plans
3 min read

NAIFA State Advocacy Is on a Roll!

By NAIFA on 2/7/20 3:03 PM

Topics: State-Facilitated Retirement Plans State Advocacy Standard of Care & Consumer Protection
1 min read

NAIFA-Maine Hosts Legislative Breakfast

By NAIFA on 2/5/20 10:32 AM

NAIFA’s Maine chapter yesterday hosted a legislative breakfast attended by approximately 45 insurance and financial professionals. The featured speaker at the event was Eric Cioppa, superintendent of the Maine Bureau of Insurance. Cioppa gave a presentation held a questions and answers session.

Topics: State-Facilitated Retirement Plans State Advocacy