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2 min read

State Senate Hearing on LTC Features Testimony of NAIFA-WA's Chris Bor

By NAIFA on 12/8/22 5:42 PM

Chris Bor, LUTCF, CLU, ChFC, a loyal NAIFA member since 1998 and Immediate Past President of NAIFA-WA, testified at a hearing of the Washington State Senate Business, Financial Services & Trade Committee on the use of life insurance, annuities, and policy riders in long-term care planning. He gave an overview of a wide variety of LTC planning options and discussed the value of agents and advisors to consumers. Bor also serves as Vice-Chair of NAIFA's National Membership Committee.

Topics: Long-Term Care Life Insurance & Annuities State Advocacy Washington
2 min read

NAIFA Supports RILA Act to Benefit Registered Index-Linked Annuity Consumers

By Mike Hedge on 12/7/22 4:44 PM

The RILA Act has cleared the hotline in the Senate (meaning all 100 Senators have agreed to allow it to pass). Next, bill sponsor Senator Tina Smith (D-MN) will try to add it to the end-of-the-day “wrap up” package along with all the other cleared bills, resolutions, and organizing agreements.

Topics: Life Insurance & Annuities Retirement Legislation & Regulations
1 min read

House Committee Passes Bill Revising Process for Registering Index-Linked Annuities

By Michael Hedge, NAIFA's Director of Government Relations on 7/28/22 12:00 PM

On July 28, the House Financial Services Committee voted to advance a bipartisan bill requiring the Securities and Exchange Commission to create a new form for registering index-linked annuities, which allows investors to save for retirement in a more streamlined process.

Topics: Life Insurance & Annuities Federal Advocacy Congress
1 min read

NAIFA Supports Bill to Reform Index-Linked Annuities Registration

By Mike Hedge on 8/16/21 9:39 AM

A bipartisan bill to direct the Securities and Exchange Commission to issue a new form for annuity issuers to use when filing registered index-linked annuities has been reintroduced in the House. 

Topics: Life Insurance & Annuities Federal Advocacy Congress Supported Legislation
1 min read

NAIFA-CT Secures Unlimited Protection From Creditors for the Cash Value of Life Insurance

By Julie Harrison on 7/29/21 9:06 AM

Over the last two years, NAIFA-CT worked diligently with state legislators supporting legislation to provide Connecticut residents unlimited protection from creditors of the cash value of life insurance. The bill ran unopposed through a public hearing in June. It then passed the House and Senate and on July 12, and Gov. Ned Lamont signed it into law.

Topics: Life Insurance & Annuities State Advocacy
1 min read

NAIFA-CO Sees Big Win on Proposal to Expand Annuity Taxes

By NAIFA on 6/16/20 11:24 AM

When Colorado legislators on June 8 introduced changes to the state’s tax laws that would impact insurance companies, consumers, and retirement savers, NAIFA’s state advocacy team sprang to action. The original version of the “Adjust Tax Expenditures For State Education Fund Act” (HB20-1420) would have expanded the state’s tax on some insurance premiums to include a broader range of annuity products. It also would have removed a credit applied to existing premium taxes for insurance companies that maintain home offices in Colorado.

Topics: Life Insurance & Annuities State Advocacy Colorado