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Advocacy in action blog

Tennessee House Bill 1173 would have permitted funeral directors in some cases to obtain life insurance information – including the names of beneficiaries and policy benefits amounts – from insurance companies or agents. However, thanks to quick action by NAIFA-TN's grassroots and advocacy team, the House Insurance Subcommittee defeated the bill.

In a letter to the Subcommittee, NAIFA-TN President Scott Flowers, CFP, said, "Obtaining access to such information should be reserved for the beneficiary or a party to the contract. A funeral director is not an insurance interest to a life insurance policy that a consumer purchased prior to death. When a policy is opened, there is a level of trust between the consumer and agent, especially with sharing personal information."

During the session prior to the vote, Representative Bo Mitchell (D-Nashville) highlighted NAIFA-TN's opposition to the legislation as written and spoke about the important role played by insurance agents. A recording of the debate is available online (Representative Mitchell's comment mentioning NAIFA-TN begins at 32:20).