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Advocacy in action blog

2 min read

NAIFA-Louisiana and Edward Jones Promote Financial Literacy Resolutions

By NAIFA on 5/2/24 12:49 PM

National Financial Literacy Month came to a close at the end of April 30, but educating consumers about the importance understanding their finances is a task NAIFA members can take to heart throughout the year. It's also has an important advocacy component. We are #NAIFAproud of members from NAIFA-Louisiana who worked in cooperation with Edward Jones and were instrumental in getting both the state House of Representatives and Senate to pass resolutions recognizing April as Financial Literacy Month in the state.

Topics: State Advocacy Financial Literacy Louisiana
1 min read

NAIFA-Arkansas Hosts State Lawmakers

By NAIFA on 4/18/24 4:26 PM

The NAIFA-Arkansas Board of Directors hosted a dinner with the state legislature's joint House and Senate Insurance & Commerce Committees. Attendees included highly influential elected officials whose decisions impact financial professionals and consumers throughout the state. At least two of the lawmakers are practicing financial professionals, who naturally understand the issues that go before the committees.

Topics: State Advocacy Arkansas
2 min read

NAIFA Advocates for Financial Literacy

By NAIFA on 4/5/24 2:53 PM

NAIFA members are often at the forefront of efforts to improve Americans' financial literacy. From educating their clients to volunteering in local schools and their communities to promoting April as National Financial Literacy Month, NAIFA members are giving Americans intelligent insights into money matters. This even extends to their political advocacy.

Topics: State Advocacy Financial Literacy Federal Advocacy
2 min read

NAIFA-Tennessee Grassroots Doubles the Impact

By NAIFA on 3/14/24 11:56 AM

On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, John Richardson and Mark Miller, members of NAIFA-Tennessee, showed the impact of grassroots advocacy by advocating against two sets of bills detrimental to the industry.

Topics: State Advocacy Grassroots Legislative Day Insurance & Financial Advisor Regulation Tennessee
1 min read

NAIFA’s Mayeux Applauds California’s Adoption of the NAIC Best Interest Model for Annuity Transactions

By NAIFA on 3/1/24 9:41 AM

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed legislation that incorporates the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) model for annuity transactions. NAIFA Kevin Mayeux, CAE, released the following statement:

Topics: State Advocacy Press Release NAIC Model Regulation Annuity Best Interest California
3 min read

New Hampshire Adopts Enhanced Safeguards for Annuity Consumers

By NAIFA & ACLI on 2/29/24 4:39 PM

American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) President and CEO Susan Neely and NAIFA-New Hampshire Past President Dawn Chambers issued the following joint statement on the best interest annuity rule adopted recently by the New Hampshire Insurance Department:

Topics: State Advocacy Interstate Advocacy Press Release NAIC Model Regulation New Hampshire Annuity Best Interest
1 min read

NAIFA Reports on the State of Advocacy

By NAIFA on 2/23/24 2:33 PM

NAIFA is the leading advocacy voice for insurance and financial professionals at the federal and state levels. The association boasts members in every Congressional district and has a strong advocacy presence in every state capital. Last year, NAIFA tracked more than 490 state-level bills that had the potential to affect NAIFA members and the consumers they serve. NAIFA members or staff testified at more than 30 state-level hearings, providing real-world accounts of how policy proposals could benefit or harm the financial security of consumers. 

Topics: State Advocacy Federal Advocacy
2 min read

NAIFA State Legislative Days Are in Full Swing

By NAIFA on 2/16/24 5:27 PM

NAIFA state legislative days allow insurance and financial professionals to share NAIFA's grassroots message and nurture relationships with state lawmakers. Many of these events occur in the first quarter of the year. So far, NAIFA chapters in Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, and Washington have held successful 2024 state legislative days. Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, and South Carolina have events coming soon.

Topics: State Advocacy Grassroots
2 min read

NAIFA-Los Angeles Builds Long-Term Advocacy Relationships

By NAIFA on 2/7/24 1:39 PM

Lawmakers in California, and particularly in the city of Los Angeles, know the importance of life insurance and understand the critical work financial professionals do. NAIFA-Los Angeles has been key to their education. For the past 20 consecutive years, NAIFA-Los Angeles members, including the chapter’s Past President Gilbert Mares, LUTCF,  Grassroots Chair Jose Rodriguez, and President Alvin Parra, have worked with Los Angeles Mayors and members of the City Council to have September proclaimed Life Insurance Awareness Month. They have also been instrumental in getting similar proclamations issued by the state Senate and the County of Los Angeles.

Topics: Life Insurance & Annuities Life Happens Life Insurance Awareness Month State Advocacy Legislative Day
1 min read

NAIFA Favors Maryland Bill to Remove Insurance Pre-Licensing Hurdles

By NAIFA on 2/2/24 5:34 PM

NAIFA supports a bill in Maryland that would eliminate a pre-licensing education requirement for people applying to take the state's insurance license exams. The mandated courses are unnecessary and burdensome and they do a disservice to those pursuing an insurance career in Maryland as well as consumers. 

Topics: State Advocacy Maryland Producer Licensing & CE Supported Legislation