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Advocacy in action blog

NAIFA’s Advocacy Accelerator Couse for women and Hispanic members taught during NAIFA's recent Apex sales summit in Phoenix adds over 30 new Financial Security Advocates. NAIFA's integrated advocacy program that includes state, interstate, and federal advocacy is the largest and most comprehensive advocacy program in the industry. The critical element in NAIFA's 130+ year advocacy track record of success remains, and will always be, our members' participation—otherwise known as grassroots engagement. Several hundred members have participated in online and in-person training courses to gain skills and confidence in the advocacy process and earned the coveted Financial Security Advocate badge.

The pre-conference course offered in Phoenix was designed specifically for female and Hispanic advisors. The session featured NAIFA member and Trustee Evelyn Gellar, LUTCF, RICP, CLTC, FSCP; NAIFA Trustee and past Diversity Champion Aprilyn Chavez-Geissler, LACP; NAIFA member and Optimized Financial and Insurance Services President Jose Rodriguez, Jr.; NAIFA member and Vice President of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) Toni Gonzales, LACP; WIFS President Darlene Flagg; and NAIFA Senior Vice President of Government Relations Diane Boyle.

The participants were awarded the Financial Security Advocate badge for learning why and how to engage in political advocacy. These newly badged Hispanic and female advisors are eager to assist government officials in the development of policies, laws, and regulations that promote financial literacy, ensure access and choices for consumers, and help all Americans achieve financial security.

NAIFA invites you to join your colleagues and earn your Financial Security Advocate badge today. The three-part online series will review the fundamentals of advocacy and step you through an at-your-own pace series to allow you to graduate to advanced concepts and develop skills that you can put into action with confidence.

Ways to Get Involved

August in-District Meetings – While some meetings have already occurred, there may be opportunities for you to join others.  

Get Out the Vote – Great information for you and your clients on how to register to vote, election information, and how to find your elected officials.

Advocacy in Action Blog – Sign up to receive updates at a frequency that works for you: instant/daily/weekly/monthly.

Advocacy Action Center – This site provides tools to report relationships with your state and federal lawmakers and to take action on issues.

Online Financial Security Advocate Course – Earn your Financial Security Advocate badge by completing this three-part course.