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Advocacy in action blog

NAIFA members held more than 135 In-District Meetings with federal lawmakers and senior staff during the recent Congressional recess. This is the second post-COVID year in a row that the number of meetings has reached triple digits. In addition, many NAIFA members also met with state officials over the summer.

All of these meetings solidify NAIFA as the leading grassroots voice for insurance and financial professionals and the consumers who rely on them for products, services, and advice. They helped NAIFA members create or nurture meaningful, influential relationships with people whose decisions affect the financial security of every American.

NAIFA members discussed the positive impacts their work has on the families, small businesses, and communities they serve. They promoted policies that advance financial literacy and security. Specific issues included: the need for financial professionals to have the ability to operate as independent contractors, concerns about the pending reintroduction of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary-only rule, and encouragement for lawmakers to join the Financial Literacy and Wealth Creation Caucus. One highlight of the month was the participation of more than 60 NAIFA-FL members in a virtual town hall with Senator Rick Scott.

The meetings produced some immediate results:

Rep McClintock 1
NAIFA-CA Member John Davidson with Rep. Tom McClintock.
Sen Scott 1
More than 60 NAIFA-FL members joined Sen. Rick Scott's town hall.
Rich McCormick 1
NAIFA-GA member Joe Schrech with Rep. Rich McCormick.
Casten 1
NAIFA-IL's Camille Tan, David Kikoen, Jim Van Ham, Larry Williams, and Elizabeth Budreck with Rep. Sean Casten.
Cong. Budzinski staff 1
NAIFA-IL's Roger Relfe, Sara Decatoire, Angela Perry, Carl Zeidler, and Tom Ripperda meeting with Rep. Nikki Budzinski's staff.
Ramirez 1
NAIFA-IL advocates with Rep. Delia Ramirez.
NAIFA-Iowa with Rep Miller-Meeks 1
NAIFA-IA members with Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks.
McGovern 1
NAIFA-MA members Adam Sachs, Josh O'Gara, and Jennifer Shepley met with Rep. Jim McGovern.
Rep. Eric Burlison 1
NAIFA-MO members Jennifer Hodges, Julie Kudrna, and Craig Wright with Rep. Eric Burlison.
Congressman Flood 1
NAIFA-NE members met with Rep. Mike Flood.
Senator Ricketts 1
NAIFA-NE members met with Sen. Pete Ricketts.
Rep. Virginia Foxx 1
NAIFA-NC members John Mazza, Brian Cooper, Jeff Ellington, Fred Joyner, Perry Hudspeth, and Jim Coviello met with Rep. Virginia Foxx.
Rep Jackson 1
NAIFA-NC's Kevin Joiner, Janice Stevens, and Katie Small met with Rep. Jeff Jackson.
Rep. Kevin Hern 1
NAIFA-OK members Del Dryer, Lars Gwartney, and Brian Easlon met with Rep. Kevin Hern.
Potts-Cole Meeting 1
NAIFA-OK members met with Rep. Tom Cole.
drew 23 w ryan oister 1
NAIFA-PA member Drew Shumski met with Ryan Oister from the staff of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.
Senator Graham 1
NAIFA-SC members Aubry Fitzloff and Bruce Pope with Senator Lindsey Graham.
RalphNorman 1
NAIFA-SC meeting with Rep. Ralph Norman.
Duncan 1
NAIFA-SC members Steve Leslie and Greg Wales met with Rep. Jeff Duncan.




Rep David Kustoff 1
NAIFA-TN's Bob Hicks, Mark Miller, C. Robert Brown, Tim Moran, Rebecca Schulter, and Sindhura Meka met with Rep. David Kustoff.
Rep De La Cruz 1
NAIFA-TX members Jason Talley and Michelle Talley met with Rep. Monica De La Cruz.
John Ruckel with Rep. Moran 1
Members of NAIFA-TX met with Rep. Nathaniel Moran.
SFA Sen. Cruz 1
NAIFA-TX member John Ruckel met with Sen. Ted Cruz.
Bob Good 1
NAIFA-VA members met with Rep. Bob Good.
Gallagher 1
NAIFA-WI members Richard Balch, Ben Borchardt, Heather Lindsley, and Laura DeGolier met with Rep. Mike Gallaher.
Rep. Pocan 1
NAIFA-WI members met with Rep. Mark Pocan.
Steil 1
NAIFA members Dick Koob, Mike Smith, and Ken Specht met with  Rep. Bryan Steil.
Judy Chu 2
NAIFA-CA members Jose Rodriguez, Michael Mares, and Gilbert Mares met with Rep. Judy Chu.