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Advocacy in action blog

Congress has begun its August recess, and members of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) are capitalizing on lawmakers’ annual working session in their home districts by meeting with their Representatives and Senators to strengthen grassroots relationships and discuss issues important to financial professionals and their clients.

NAIFA is the leading advocacy association of agents and advisors in the United States with members in every congressional district. August In-District Meetings are a key part of NAIFA’s grassroots strategy, building on the May Congressional Conference that annually sends more than 500 financial professionals to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., and State Legislative Days held throughout the year.

“NAIFA members work with Main Street Americans to help them mitigate financial risks, prepare for retirement, and establish and meet other financial goals,” said NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux, CAE. “They are entrepreneurs whose clients include families and other business owners. No one understands the finances and economic situation of their Main Street communities better than NAIFA members, so lawmakers are eager to draw on their expertise and hear their client stories.”

Important issues that impact the ability of insurance and financial advisors to serve their clients, and which will be key points at NAIFA’s in-district meetings, include:

  • Emphasizing the needed technical corrections to SECURE 2.0 retirement legislation
  • Opposing efforts that would stifle the independence of agents and advisors by changing their status from independent contractors to employees
  • Promoting the best interest standard to ensure affordable access to financial advice
  • Opposing the administration’s proposed rule to eliminate short-term limited-duration insurance health plans
  • Advancing financial literacy and policies to help Americans attain financial security and achieve the American Dream

NAIFA promotes in-district meetings between advisors and members of Congress and their staff to build and nurture grassroots relationships and maximize the influence of NAIFA members’ advocacy. In-district meetings will often have fewer time constraints than more formal meetings in Washington, which allows participants to go into greater depth on issues that impact their clients and other consumers. They also demonstrate that NAIFA members are active in their local communities and representative of the lawmakers’ constituents.

“Agents and advisors who attend In-District Meetings not only help spread NAIFA’s grassroots message to benefit their businesses and clients, but they see in person how our democracy works,” said NAIFA Senior Vice President of Government Relations Diane Boyle. “These meetings help NAIFA members develop relationships with lawmakers and become effective advocates. Those who participate in this and NAIFA’s other grassroots events are likely to continue to be politically involved throughout their careers.”

NAIFA fully prepares members to be the best political advocates they can be. Agents and advisors meet with lawmakers in small groups, so those who are less experienced are often teamed with grassroots advocacy veterans. NAIFA also offers all members the opportunity to complete the Financial Security Advocate Academy, a course that provides basic information on how government works up through advanced grassroots concepts. Members who complete the course earn their Financial Security Advocate badge, which is displayed on their public-facing NAIFA profile and social media.

Participating in NAIFA’s August In-District Meetings is a great way to see first-hand the power of what NAIFA does to advocate on behalf of clients and Main Street. Financial professionals interested in taking part should contact NAIFA Grassroots Manager Andrew Holt at advocacy@naifa.org.