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Advocacy in action blog

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” 
- Mother Teresa. 

On August 3rd, NAIFA-Utah held its annual Legislative Engagement Day in Salt Lake. The fact that we were able to count on all four of our U.S. Congressional representatives to participate made for a successful and informative meeting. Dori Phillips, our NAIFA-Utah VP of Advocacy and our Grassroots Chair representative, did a superb job of coordinating schedules so that each could address us. While their broad message focused on the state of the nation, each had a unique approach and shared stories of their own path and experience in working with financial professionals.

We were fortunate to have U.S. Congressional representatives, Blake Moore (Utah 1st District), Chris Stewart (Utah 2nd District), John Curtis (Utah 3rd District), and Burgess Owens (Utah 4th District) address us. We also had Utah Insurance Commissioner Jonathan Pike share his thoughts about the state of the insurance and personal protection industry in Utah. Each let us know that they rely upon NAIFA to ensure that their votes align with NAIFA’s shared values.

As I reflect back on the past two years and our multiple visits to Washington to participate in the NAIFA Congressional Conferences, I have gained an even greater appreciation of the purpose of the three NAIFA pillars of principle and most importantly, what a small delegation can accomplish when it strives to Advocate, Educate, and Differentiate. Those aren’t just flowery words as we consider our role with trusting clients, but a pattern of what a difference we can make with our elected officials.  One of the Congressmen in attendance made reference to the fact that “not just anyone or organization can get all of the state’s Washington delegation together for a town hall meeting. NAIFA deserves our attention.”

A couple of decades ago, I sat through my first local NAIFA meeting wondering “what was in it for me?” I didn’t understand the purpose of paying an annual membership fee.  Sure, the CE was great, but it wasn’t until my first trip to Washington to visit with our elected officials that I recognized the power of the NAIFA voice. Each NAIFA member needs to understand that we all make a positive difference through the small contributions we make to our clients as well as society in general. We make that difference as each member contributes to the ripples that expand across the pond, and together, those ripples create positive change for good both in and outside of our incredible industry.

Mark Anderson is NAIFA-Utah's 2023 Chapter President.

2023 NAIFA-UT Leg Day1-2

2023 NAIFA-UT Leg Day