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Advocacy in action blog

Participation by NAIFA members is key to our grassroots advocacy strength. Learn how you can make a difference by signing up to be a NAIFA Advocacy Ambassador. Be a legislative contact, write a letter to the editor or op-ed, testify at a public hearing, visit with your lawmaker, or host an event. Find out all of the ways you can get involved.

Federal and State grassroots advocacy is at the core of what we stand for at NAIFA. With members in all 435 U.S. congressional districts, it is important that we cultivate meaningful relationships with our lawmakers. These relationships help our association support positive legislation and defeat bad bills that would negatively impact our members as well as their clients on Main Street. 

With over 80 new elected officials at the federal level, some in newly created districts, it is important to get involved early to build relationships with these members. There will be no shortage of opportunities to meet with your elected officials at the Federal and State level this year.  

NAIFA members, please sign up TODAY so we can get you plugged into NAIFA Advocacy efforts.  

Become a NAIFA Advocacy Ambassador