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The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) has a long history of working with lawmakers on the state and federal levels. Recent outreach to Congressional offices, state insurance commissioners, and state legislators offering assistance to lawmakers with constituents’ financial concerns has resulted in sincere appreciation.


Almost all offices responded with some form of thanks and following are just a few statements of gratitude that were shared: (all are direct quotes)

  • "Thanks… helping consumers avoid fraud and scams is a top priority for us."
  • "I will share these materials with our district staff who are directly assisting our constituents."
  • "Please send a list of NAIFA member constituents."
  • "These will be super helpful in educating our constituents."
  • "We are trying to help constituents avoid misinformation, so I appreciate you forwarding this our way."


The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting Main Street individuals, families, and businesses. In times of uncertainly consumers will frequently contact their lawmakers seeking guidance. Government offices are fielding health concerns, educational challenges as well as financial questions from constituents.


“The association’s dialog with legislators is usually regarding policy matters, but we knew we had financial security information that would help lawmakers provide valuable constituent services and shared the resources available on www.financialsecurity.org,” said NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux.


The website is designed to put consumers on the pathway to financial security. NAIFA recently added a COVID-19 Resource Kit to www.financialsecurity.org. NAIFA members are the financial advisors and insurance agents who stand ready to help and support American families and businesses.


Unfortunately, the pandemic has resulted in numerous scams prompting NAIFA to create the COVID-19 Resource Kit. NAIFA’s consumer site provides consumers with information to avoid scams, tips on who to contact regarding health claims and questions, as well as how to find licensed, knowledgeable, ethical individuals to assist with financial security planning.


“With NAIFA members in every Congressional district, the association is also able to offer local support to the lawmakers during this difficult time,” said NAIFA President Cammie Scott. "NAIFA members across the country provide reliable information to constituents and reduce fear."


NAIFA also continues to work with the National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC) to assist the interagency crisis action task force. NAIFA’s significant and multistate geographical footprint allows the association to assist with situational intelligence and deliver credible resources.