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Advocacy in action blog

NAIFA-CA members, including National President Tom Michel, LACP, and Past President John Davidson, LUTCF, FSS, attended a meeting earlier this week with California state and federal lawmakers. During the event, NAIFA members were able to connect with several state officials.

NAIFA is the leading advocacy association for insurance and financial professionals, with members in every congressional district in the United States. NAIFA works at the federal, state, and interstate levels to advance policies that promote financial security for American consumers and ensure they have access to important products, services, and advice. The NAIFA Grassroots Engagement Training Series is a course designed to help NAIFA members learn about the political process, gain advocacy skills, and develop meaningful relationships with lawmakers. The series is a benefit available for free to NAIFA members.


Tom Michel and Rep. Young Kim


John Davidson, Rep. Mike Garcia, and Tom Michel


Lars Willerup and Rep. Josh Harder


Rep. Michelle Steele, John Davidson, and Tom Michel