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Advocacy in action blog

NAIFA’s Policy Director Maeghan Gale joined LTCI Partners Managing Director, Tom Riekse, and Director Steve Cain for a panel discussion about recent Long Term Care Insurance legislation.  For many years, Long-Term Care Insurance took a backseat as it relates to legislative action on the state and federal level. However, 2021 has brought a wave of activity as lawmakers consider the best way to support their growing aging populations.

Topics the panel discussed included:

  • Washington Care Fund
  • Proposed State Legislation Related to Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Expansion of home and community-based services proposed under Biden’s Infrastructure Plan.

“Washington is just the first state to enact this type of public option long term care plan. Other states may look to pass similar legislation as Americans continue to age and continue to be under-prepared for their future long-term care needs. These proposals are well-intentioned but could prove costly to taxpayers and only provide limited benefits, “ Gale said.  “ Lawmakers are right to consider the best way to help their aging constituents. But instead of a limited government-run plan, they can build a more efficient, cost-effective and beneficial system by including private market options. “

Gale went on to discuss the need to ensure that state or federal plans are compatible with existing private market eligibility rules and benefit periods.  This allows the private LTC insurance industry could create affordable products to enhance public coverage. The panel also discussed NAIFA’s role in both the NAIC and NCOIL organizations, and how they are working with commissioners and legislators on the Long Term Care Insurance topics. There is a lot of work to be done and NAIFA is working to ensure that our members have a strong voice in the solutions.


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