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Advocacy in action blog

NAIFA’s Oregon chapter has not missed a beat when it comes to fulfilling its political advocacy mission. NAIFA-OR’s most recent legislative update was a 100% virtual event attended by approximately 20% of NAIFA members in the state. It also attracted the attention of policymakers. State Rep. Christine Drazan (R-Canby) was among those who participated in the event.

Decisions by state lawmakers and regulators have tremendous impacts on the businesses of NAIFA members as well as the Main Street consumers and small businesses they serve. Meetings with and involving state legislators are important parts of NAIFA’s grassroots strategy. These events show the strength of NAIFA’s numbers and help members develop relationships with lawmakers. Along with NAIFA’s professional lobbying and state IFAPAC giving, grassroots is a critical leg of NAIFA’s state advocacy strategy.

On the federal side, NAIFA’s Congressional Conference, May 25-26, is an ideal event for NAIFA members and their colleagues in the industry to make a difference and contribute to NAIFA’s advocacy success. Congressional Conference this year is 100% virtual, so attendees can participate from their homes or offices. It will feature advocacy training, policy briefings, and virtual meetings with U.S. Senators and their office staff.