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The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future recently published results from a nationwide poll showing that the push for transforming the American health care system through a public option, Medicare-for-All or other government interventions in the market is losing traction with American voters.

The poll, conducted by Locust Street Group for the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, shows that the top health care priority for Democratic, Republican and swing voters is lowering costs.

Some other insights from the poll:

  • 64% of voters prefer building on our current system rather than creating a public option.
  • 66% of voters prefer building on our current system instead of expanding Medicare.
  • 57% of voters would prefer that lawmakers build on what is working by providing subsidies for those in states that have not expanded Medicaid to purchase coverage in the existing marketplace compared to 43% of voters who would rather see a new government-run insurance plan.

American voters are not comfortable creating a new government-run health insurance system that could bring tax increases and additional health care costs, and neither is NAIFA.

NAIFA continues to oppose the creation of a public option, expansion of Medicare eligibility to younger Americans and other similar government interventions in the offering of health coverage. NAIFA believes that implementing these policies could result in adverse consequences for Americans’ finances and could destabilize health care markets.

NAIFA is a proud member of the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future. We will continue to work alongside the Partnership to advocate for policies that build on our current employer-sponsored insurance system so that every American has access to affordable and quality health care.