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Advocacy in action blog

Agents and advisors are an important resource for consumers seeking affordable health care plans that suit their individual needs. These professionals have expertise and experience to help individuals and families navigate the complicated health care system and compare plan options. Consumers looking for an advisor can use NAIFA's "Find an Advisor" tool.

Now, a new study from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirms that advisors provide useful, trustworthy guidance. The GAO used undercover investigators to contact advisors. They found that "each of the sales representatives listed on healthcare.gov contacted appropriately referred undercover investigators to a PPACA-compliant plan. The majority of sales representatives also explained to undercover investigators that a PPACA-exempt plan would not cover our pre-existing condition. None of the sales representatives contacted engaged in potentially deceptive marketing practices that misrepresented or omitted information about the products they were selling." The GAO reported its findings to Sen. Robert P. Casey, Jr., (D-PA), Chairman of the Special Committee on Aging, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Chair of the Senate Finance Committee's Subcommittee on Health Care.

NAIFA isn’t surprised. Our members subscribe to a Code of Ethics and consistently work with consumers to help them achieve financial security. We look forward to continuing our work with lawmakers to ensure bad actors have no place in the industry while maintaining consumer access to knowledgeable, licensed insurance professionals.