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Advocacy in action blog

A new report by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging prominently features comments submitted by NAIFA that highlight the important ongoing role advisors play in retirement planning.

"When a person retires, their need for insurance and financial services guidance doesn’t end," the report quotes NAIFA as saying. "In fact, for many it’s just the beginning."

The report summarizes the committee's research into helping people make more informed decisions about claiming Social Security, enrolling in Medicare, annuitizing a 401(k), downsizing a home, giving to a charity, and responding to a natural disaster loss.

NAIFA's comments to the Aging Committee were in response to an inquiry by Chairman Bob Casey (D-PA) and Ranking Member Tim Scott (R-SC). Both committee leaders sought a bipartisan way to examine issues that are of importance to the health, economic security, and well-being of older Americans and their families.

This year, the committee is focused on improving financial literacy and decision-making for older adults and people with disabilities. NAIFA’s vast membership network is an integral part of providing the qualified financial advice required for all Americans. 

NAIFA is proud to continue its collaboration with the Special Committee on Aging to help ensure America’s seniors receive the benefits and care they’ve earned.